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We believe that education is the first step in the journey to financial independence. We strive to educate our clients about financial planning and investments so that they can make educated decisions while participating in each step of the process. Knowledge creates the power and peace of mind for clients to make confident choices for their financial lives.


CUE Financial has always held a flag of fierce independence. We believe that bringing our clients the best there is to offer is important and being independent advisors allows us to do that. We are not tied to any one product, company or investment platform because we know that one solution is not appropriate for everyone. We pride ourselves in offering well vetted, distinctive options, not cookie cutter experiences.


We combine the new with the traditional. We provide our clients with the most up to date, investment advances and create unique investment strategies for each client based on their personal values, behaviors and goals. We find that pairing the new strategies with the traditional, time proven strategies, assures a comfortable ride for each unique client journey. 

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