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It’s All About You!

Investing should be all about you and the choices you need to make.

Once you get the basic facts about investment firms like us:

  • We have been around since 1985
  • We are local
  • We have no products that we are required to sell
  • We are independent – not owned by a large corporation that tells us what to do
  • We are management owned and operated

The rest is all about you.

All about you means that we offer virtually every investment, insurance and savings choice available. And, all customers are treated with courtesy and respect regardless of investment size. Plus, you can pay for the services you use in a variety of ways:

  • Commission
  • Consultation Charges Only
  • Fees Based on Assets Under Management

Whatever makes you comfortable works for us. Because, after all, it is your money and your future. We are your voice for choice. We are available to help guide you – always keeping this thought in mind…It’s All About You

A Professional Team to Help You

We can help you by offering the entire spectrum of professional counseling, from basic financial planning to specialty areas like pre-retirement planning and portfolio management.

Another important part of our job is finding the professionals who can do the best job for you – people with experience, natural abilities and talent. We provide our representatives with support, product knowledge, technical assistance and start-up help. People with these abilities are critical to our success in helping you. And, the right people contribute to the kind of environment fundamental to being the best for you.

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