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A Professional Team to Help You

CUE can help your employees by offering the entire spectrum of professional counseling, from basic financial planning to specialty areas like pre-retirement planning and portfolio management. Also, when dealing specifically with employer groups, we offer advice and counsel on retirement and pension plans and the products necessary for implementation. Employees of such groups are invited to take advantage of our educational seminars, covering a wide range of financial planning topics.

Another important part of our job is finding the professionals who can do the best job for you – people with experience, natural abilities and talent. We provide our representatives with support, product knowledge, technical assistance and start-up help. People with these abilities are critical to our success in helping you. And, the right people contribute to the kind of environment fundamental to being the best for you.

Retirement Plans

Many Retirement Plan Sponsors say that they and their employees do not receive enough personal attention from their retirement plan provider. Our goal is to provide the personal attention our retirement plan clients need.

We know how important it is for your 401(k) to be successful and we are willing to put into writing our commitment to provide these services:

  • Recommend investment and plan design options that take care of you as well as your employees.
  • Take time to help your employees make solid, informed retirement planning decisions
  • Be on-site to conduct employee enrollments and continuing education.
  • Conduct a yearly Trustee Meeting and “checkup” to see that the Plan continues to meet your needs.

When was your plan’s last “checkup”? Are your investment options still appropriate? Is the cost of your plan competitive? Are you holding regular employee enrollment and education meetings? Does your plan’s record keeper provide timely and accurate services? Have you taken the steps to reduce the Plan Trustee’s personal and fiduciary liability?

We would be pleased to help with an in-depth review of your program.

You should also know that we are able to assist your employees through an additional benefit of offering seminars to explain your plan, regardless of whether the plan was purchased from us.

Contact CUE today to discuss how we can help your company.

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