CUE’s Financial Institution Program

Your participation in a CUE Financial Institution program can afford you a greater opportunity to help your customers meet their money needs. A complement to traditional bank products and credit union programs, a CUE program offers more choices for your clients and members and the potential for increased profitability.

You deserve the best. There are specific things about CUE that can help insure that you are receiving the best possible program. These include:

  • We are not owned or controlled by any product provider or manufacturer. We exist to serve your clients and members.
  • We believe education is the key to reaching individual financial goals. We work hard to educate our clients about financial planning and investments so they fully understand their goals and choices before making decisions.
  • We believe that clients are to be treated equally regardless of financial status.
  • There are a variety of platform programs with an assortment of financial options. Each can be constructed to meet your needs.
  • We believe that money management is a partnership. We will meet with each client periodically to review and update plans and recommendations.

Financial Institution sponsored investment programs can offer a wealth of opportunity to your clients, members and you. Consider the following:

Staff – Investments could be a potential solution for clients with concerns about low interest rates or high taxes. You can fulfill your clients’ investment needs.

Financial Institution – Investment services can be a convenience for clients, improving loyalty and deepening the client relationship.

You may halt the flow of money from your financial institution to others from rate sensitive shoppers, all the while earning fee income for your institution.

Client/Member – The more ways you can meet client needs, the more likely they may be to not only continuing to do business with you but also expanding their involvement in your product offerings.

Your clients and members can obtain high quality, low-pressure advice in a comfortable, familiar setting. Using a licensed, experienced CUE Advisor who is attuned to the bank environment, trust in the bank can be increased.

It’s all available through a partnership with CUE!