Registered Advisors may be intrigued by a boutique company like CUE for a variety of reasons…some of which may appeal to you. For example:

  • CUE is a small, yet significant, privately owned operation. As such, you have the unique ability to pick up the phone and speak with our President.
  • CUE plays a leading role in providing its Advisors cutting-edge software for client tracking, compliance adherence and portfolio management.
  • CUE offers competitive payouts and fee structures.

In addition, CUE offers specialty areas that attract many entrepreneurial people. For a select few, the commission structure can be modified when:

  • Offering assistance with business development within special companies by working with employer groups or offering worksite marketing
  • Including you in accounts where CUE has already developed a market
  • Aiding in developing banks, credit unions and other financial markets

If you are:

  • Hardworking
  • Ethical
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Honest
  • Have no regulatory problems

We just may be what you have been looking for. We would love to visit with you.