CUE offers a wide range of financial, estate and retirement planning and job-transitioning seminars to employees of corporations, non-profit and government agencies.

Our workshops provide people with an adult learning experience that is designed to answer specific financial questions and concerns. A partial listing of the seminars and workshops available through CUE Financial Group is shown below.

Contact us if you would like more information or would like to schedule a seminar for your group.

401(k) Savings Plan Seminar
This seminar discusses your company’s 401(k) plan design, investment choices and distribution options. It includes “factors in portfolio planning” to help participants choose the right investments based on their goals and objectives.

All Roads Lead To Retirement
This seminar discusses how to determine your retirement needs and the tools available to achieve your goals.

Basic Investment Principles
This seminar is designed to help any investor understand investing principles, common investments, understanding risk and reward and the difference between aggressive and defensive investing.

Becoming Your Own Financial Planner
This session is designed for the beginning investor or for someone who wants to know more about the process and decisions that are required to become financially secure. Covered in this session will be investing principles, common investments, dollar-cost averaging, understanding risk and reward, wills and trusts, long-term care and a list of terms and definitions.

Beyond the 401(k)…the New IRAs
This seminar discusses regular IRAs, ROTH IRAs and Education IRAs.

Career Change Seminar
Designed for people who are leaving a job and concerned about what to do with their 401(k), pension, 403(b), etc.

The Estate Planning Seminar (AKA Wills and Trusts Seminar)
This seminar will cover techniques for avoiding probate, reducing estate taxes and ensuring your estate is distributed according to your wishes. We will also be discussing the differences between Wills and Living Trusts and which one may be appropriate for you.

Factors In Portfolio Planning
This session would be most helpful to the more experienced or sophisticated investor. Topics will include ways to analyze stocks, bonds and mutual funds, building a portfolio and maintaining it, theories regarding diversification and ways to build models for the conservative, moderate or aggressive investor.

Financial Goals and Objectives
This seminar discusses how to determine individual goals and objectives, basic investment principles and retirement and long-term planning.

Money Issues For Families
Families are encouraged to attend separately or as a unit. Covered during this session will be accounts for juveniles, college funding, debt management, credit card issues, inflation and a list of terms and definitions.

Pension Options At Retirement
A comparison of lump sum vs. annuity options from defined benefit pensions.

Planning For Your Future
This seminar discusses savings and investment issues for younger or less sophisticated investors.

Planning For Your Tomorrows
Part one: employee benefits as a part of your financial plan

Part two: basic investment principles

Part three: retirement and long-term planning.

Smart Ways To take Your Lumps (AKA Pre-Retirement Strategies)
If you are moving to a new job, there are big decisions you need to make about the money you’ve accumulated in your present company’s retirement plan. You do have choices, and this seminar will explain those options.

Tax-Advantaged Investing
The Tax Reform Act of 1986 eliminated or severely limited most available tax-favored investments. Fortunately, there are still some options. This seminar will discuss methods of tax-advantaged investing, providing a way to postpone taxes on investment income – allowing each investment dollar the maximum potential to earn and compound over time.

Tax-Sheltered Annuity
A discussion of the contribution, investment and distribution methods for 403(b) plans.

Understanding Mutual Funds
This seminar discusses mutual funds, what they are and how they work.

Women & Investing
A growing number of women find themselves in charge of their family’s finances. This session will explain the importance of taking charge of planning now for the future, show how to get started, introduce several investment approaches and help set long-term goals.