CUE…The Ideal Firm

CUE Financial Group, Inc. an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, was formed in 1985. At CUE, we have created a new, exciting – and we believe – ideal financial services firm.

CUE believes that to serve clients, the ideal financial services firm must be strong and balanced regionally, offer clients an unrivaled portfolio of products and services, grow, have a roster of respected clients and be committed to providing the best value on the financial services you need – the best products and the best coverage at competitive prices.

We recognize that firms as ours must be built on a solid foundation – a reputation for quality, respect for long-term client relationships and history of professional achievement and innovation.

For these reasons, we believe CUE is…the ideal firm.

Quality Products

In today’s world, taking care of your finances is no simple matter. A wide range of products such as insurance, retirement accounts and investments are available. Choosing the ones that are right for you can be a difficult, complex decision.

The products we use must meet a series of tests and criteria before they are included on our “Approved Product List”. Fees and expenses, liquidity and quality of service are closely examined. In addition, we use only products that are not proprietary in nature and we will not use products from companies that require sales quotas. Included in our broad cross section of approved products are

  • Mutual Funds – Our Advisors are able to offer clients a wide range of funds to meet all goals and objectives.
  • Life Insurance & Annuities – A portion of our business includes marketing innovative annuity and life insurance products. These tax-advantaged plans are designed with the benefits and flexibility to allow for long-term planning and to personalize individual accounts. Included are single premium fixed annuities with a range of guarantee interest periods and superior variable products with outstanding managers.
  • General Securities – We offer brokerage services, including individual stock and bond trading, on a fully-disclosed basis, cleared through the Pershing LLC, a prominent New York Stock Exchange member firm. Through this relationship, our knowledgeable trading department can provide a wide range of trading services.

For these reasons, we believe CUE is…the ideal firm.

Quality Service

One distinguishing characteristic of the ideal firm is to have extraordinary service capabilities. We have one of the highest support-to-representative ratios in the business. This ratio is unique in our business and not only benefits our clients but bodes well for our professional development.

Offering creative, practical ideas and serving clients in the role of advisor demands technical excellence, imagination and sound judgment. Our system allows our representatives to receive unparalleled support.

The services we offer cover the entire spectrum of a professional financial advisor – from basic financial planning to specialty area like pre-retirement planning, portfolio management and job transition.

Compliance is one of the most important areas in the financial services industry. Our Advisors are registered through Securities America, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Our compliance staff provides guidance and research and understands and follows national and state requirements with regard to registration and licensing issues, as well as industry rules and regulations.

For these reasons, we believe CUE is…the ideal firm.

A Professional Team

With the goal of providing the superior products and services we believe that quality starts with the best people. There is no substitute for talent. We look for people with experience, natural abilities and talent and provide them with opportunities . We provide sales support, product knowledge, technical assistance and start-up help. Our belief that people are critical to our success has led us to create a certain kind of working environment at CUE Financial Group. We call it synergy. And, we believe this kind of environment is fundamental to the ideal firm.

Our people, who are licensed to sell both securities and insurance products, receive on-the-job training from top professionals. Because teamwork depends on strong individual performance, we offer marketing and continuing education sessions for all our representatives.

For these reasons, we believe CUE is…an ideal firm.