10 Money Saving Ideas…For Businesses

one Qualified Retirement Plans

One of the few tax-deductible ways of saving money for the future is the company-sponsored retirement plan. Some employers have hesitated to look at these plans because they believe that inflexible employer contributions will be required. We can show you a plan that can be fully funded with employee contributions without any cost to the employer. If you have an existing plan, or are considering a new plan, we can help you analyze the best options.

two Private Pension Plans

If you do not have a qualified plan or are limited in your contribution to the plan, the private pension plan may be the solution to accumulating substantial funds for your use. These plans do not require company sponsorship and there are no requirements to include other employees. Some plans may even allow you to withdraw income tax-free.

three Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance programs have become more complex and costly. We can evaluate your existing plan and compare it to our database of over 2,500 plans to see if it is fulfilling your needs.

four Employee Seminars

Most employees don’t understand their existing company benefits and how they coordinate with their personal financial plans. We can design and conduct seminars for your employees, generally off company time, to help them understand the relationship between their company benefits and how these benefits fit into their financial plan. These seminars can be provided at no cost to the employer.

five Buy-Sell Agreements & Funding

These plans allow you to insure the survival of your business in the event of the death or disability of a partner or stockholder. When properly designed, they spell out the succession of ownership and can prevent the surviving owners from being forced into business with the spouse of a deceased owner. They can also establish a value for your business interest for Federal Estate Tax purposes.

six Disability Insurance

One of the most overlooked areas of planning, yet one of the most devastating is the loss of income due to a disability. Some have referred to a disability as a “living death”. We can help you determine whether a group disability program is appropriate for your company or whether individual insurance might be better.

seven Term Life Insurance

When you need life insurance for a limited period of time, term insurance is usually the most economical approach. Since term insurance provides only a death benefit and no cash accumulation, you should purchase it from a quality company that offers the lowest rates. We can use our extensive database of over 250 insurance companies to find the best plan for you.

eight Estate Conservation

A properly planned estate can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate taxes. Most people are not aware that when an estate exceeds the current tax-exempt threshold of $1,000,000, the excess is taxed at rates beginning at 37%, and going up from there. We can show you how to avoid the liquidation of your business or other assets to pay the tax man.

nine Personal Investment Advice

We can bring objectivity and experttenise to help you analyze and select the appropriate investments to meet your individual goals and objectives.

Retirement Distribution Planning

The transition from employment to retirement is a difficult time for many. We have developed a great deal of expertise in helping people with the complex task of deciding how to take distributions from their retirement plans and IRAs. We have shown many pre-59 1/2-year-olds how to take income from their IRAs without the 10% tax penalty usually associated with those withdrawals.